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EGO AIO Light won't go off charging

I recently had a problema with an EGO AIO leaking through the glass, it was broken.

I bought another one 2 weeks ago and when is fully charged (i just assume that is fully charged because it already spend the night charging and the light went off for the first days) the light won't go off. I belive that its getting harmer too. I let it charge for the whole night and it stills had the red light on. Already test many times, all day charging and still the red light won't go off. And looks like the battery is getting low very fast, i used to vape all day long. Now in the middle of the day its over.

What can i do about that? Its the second one that i buy in 45 days, i live in Brazil and its really expensive here. I can't come back to smoke again, this is really helping me. But i'm afraid that it can explode, as i already saw happening in videos.

Sorry for the bad english. Really hope that you guys can solve my problem, i don't have money to buy another one right now.

Thank you all!


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