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Why it displays “atomizer short" or "no atomizer found"?
Because of the technology distinction, some of other branded atomizers are incompatible with Joyetech standard thread, and this may cause evic can't detect atomizers. Meanwhile, after using for a period time, the dirty accumulated in eVic thread also may lead to this problem. Therefore, we recommend you select Joyetech atomizers and make the connecting place between the atomizer and control head clean and dry.
In addition, the connection of the EVic control head is surrounded by a layer of elastic and insulating ring, which helps to prevent a short circuit in the anode and the cathode, and also improve the flexibility of the atomizers with different length of connection. But if the atomizer has too long connection, this insulating ring will be crushed, and then the output end of eVic may have a short-circuit or can't detect atomizers anymore.


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