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LVC head rebuild
so i don't have a RBA head yet for my Delta II. i have learned to just rebuild the LVC head. all that is need is 2 pliers and cloth to keep from scratching it. now a new LVC head would last me about a week and half this is a good way to extend the life of it. i cant afford to buy a 5pk at $25 and my locale vape shop wants $20 for the RBA so this does work for now. this is probably the easiest pre-built coil head i have had to rebuild. in the pic it shows how the coil should be bent, the wire mesh is what holds the coil in. i like this because i can make any ohm coil with any size Inner diameter. i think a RBA should be designed like this or have the LVC head have a twist off top. just a idea Joyetech 舌

anyone else rebuild there LVC heads?
or should i get a RBA?
Pretty cool, and a great way to extend some use on those coils. I have seen people do that with other coils, 1st I heard someone doing it with these.
ya there is only a few youtube vids out there on how to do it. only hard part is taking the top peace off. but once it is off it is realy easy to rebuild. i tryed to put a thred on so i could just screw the top part back on but the kit i have dont have one that will fit the top cap to put a thred on.
What you are doing is economical, but the RBA is not too much at fastech...

They are slow but affordable.


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