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eGrip rcvd
It arrived last night. Great product. I have already been through 2 tankfuls of juice and I have to say the flavor and cloud production is incredible for such a compact unit. 微笑
congrats, did you receive it via dhl? did you pay anything?
DHL Via UPS...not one cent came outta my pocket.
Nice, glad to see people enjoying these... Gonna get one soon
I've had mine for about a week and started using the RBA Base yesterday and I must say that it's difficult to get the RBA Base to stop leaking. It takes some effort to get the wicking material just right in the head, but once it's done correctly....OMG...WHAT A VAPE!!!
Whatever you do, STAY OFF THOSE STINKIES!!!

[Image: quit-smoking-banner.php?key=34289]
I want to win an eGrip, it's my favourite!


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