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Hi Folks,

New user here of the eGo AIO, I've been off the ciggies for a week now (my longest ever spell).

The device was recommended to me from an Australian supplier, and I've got no regrets so far. After a few little teething issues and reading some of the posts, I've fixed the spitting, thrown the 0.5 coil in the bin and now enjoying using the device.

I have a question in regards to the coils and changing flavours.

1) How long or rather how many draws, before a flavour change is generally noticed?

2) I'm not into vaping to blow big phat clouds and chase down jellyfish, it's a means of quitting tobacco products. What resistance coils can I go up to? 1.0 and above? if so, what coils are available/recommended for the eGo AIO Pro?

many thanks,



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