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eGo AIO leaking from bottom
My eGo AIO has started leaking e-juice from the little hole at the very bottom of the device. This seems doubleplus ungood to me, since it means the liquid must pass the electronics and the battery to get there. It's functioning perfectly fine otherwise, but is it still safe?

The thing is only about a month old. I should probably mention that the glass is cracked from week one. This has caused it to 'sweat' a tiny little bit, but no real leak. The problem only started yesterday after I tried a lot of different liquids in a short time.

I'm sure the liquid hasn't made its way into the charge port or the button from the outside of the tank, since I have a rubber band around there between the looking glass and the button. But I don't know how the bottom of the tank is sealed. No obvious cracks there, but maybe the cracked glass doesn't fit properly against the bottom or something. Maybe the 'sweat' from the outside of the tank has finally found a way down the inside of the metal casing. Maybe the coil pushes down on the contact at the bottom of the tank too much and this somehow disrupts the seal.

I realise this is probably not covered under warranty or anything, but I was wondering if anyone knew something about this. I guess other people must have had the same problem, since 'ego aio leaking from bottom' is a google search suggestion, it just doesn't give any useful results.

Dangerous or not, I have to replace my AIO, as it now leaks too badly to carry in my pocket. Just maybe not with another AIO, because they appear to be incredibly fragile. Too bad, I love its flavour, clouds, low price, small size and ease of use. And judging from internet reviews, I can't really find anything comparable that is commonly available in Belgium (since this week, by law, you have to go to a physical vape store to buy one and there just aren't many, and you can't try anything out). Maybe an AIO with a protective sleeve? Suggestions welcome.


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