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Cuboid 150W Battery Bars

sorry if double post. I search but i didn't find anything (maybe i should look my eyes if there is a post and i didn't see it 大咧嘴).

Is there any way to change at Cuboid 150W from 2 battery bars to 1?

[Image: Cuboid-firmware-V5.04.png]

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards!
Hi there, the fact is every post won't be seen until the moderator approves.
Anyway, for the CUBOID 150W, it can't be changed to single battery bar for now. But thanks for your suggestion.

I didn't know for the post and sorry for double try to post.

Ok thanks for your time to answer and if this can be made i think a lot of people would like it!\

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards
Yeah, because your batteries can easily go disbalanced on Cuboid, but another suggestion is to mark them 1 and 2. But, I believe that's impossible on the old chipset.
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