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eGo AIO only blinking

When I press the button to vape, the red light blinks 15-20 times fairly quickly. The device doesn't work. After that the light stops.

Plugin the usb power cable. It blinks 5 times red. Then a slow green light. Charged?

Repeat the process: press the button to vape, and it blinks read 15-20 times. And then nothing again.

I have tried tightening the coil, loosening the coil, replacing the coil, turning the ecig on and off.


I took it into a vape shop, and they reached a convincing explanation: I had killed the battery by using a 2 amp phone charger instead of a 1 amp charger or less. Ok. This sounds reasonable. Any feedback? At the same time, if you think about it, the battery isn't entirely dead if the lights are working somewhat, as just mentioned.


- the user's manual does not contain the word "warning", or "amps", does it? Could a warning be added to all the manuals? Using a random usb charger can happen.
- modify the device design to not be killed by a phone charger.


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