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Dead Cuboid
I purchased this thing back in Mid Dec 2017 and even then it stated to have issues with the atomizer short. I changed to a new limitless RDTA and thought that was the end of issues, as it started to work. Until today, pulled the batteries before i went to bed charged all night. Got up placed them in the Cuboid and there was no display and it wont fire. I tried several different things, changed batteries. updated the firmware (which worked); my PC registers the device.

I would return it to the store but when I had the atomizer short they tried to give me another customers old cuboid that was worn down by use and I just got it working so I didn't go through with that shady deal. Even If i wanted to I'm military and got this 6K miles away from where I live while on leave. Please tell me there is a good return policy on this thing.
It's cool, still haven't had much in the way of customer service and what I did referred me in a way as if they didn't read what I wrote. That's cool ya'll enjoy this cheap china knock off shit. This is the last mod I buy from this company.


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