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Locking resistance issue on VTC Dual (SS mode)
(01-08-2017, 06:00 AM)Murray B Wrote:  
(01-08-2017, 05:04 AM)pi-xel Wrote:  Murray, I am aware of TCR and I don't have any issues with setting the correct M value. However, while the M value defines the "slope" of the temperature measurement, I am having issues with setting the "offset", that is, the base resistance. And this has nothing to do with the M values.

It is becoming increasingly clear that you are not technical, pi-xel.  The zero offset is not nearly as important as the span value.  In this case the span multiplier makes far more difference to correct operation than the offset.  Where are you getting your "M" value for your wire from if you are not using Joyetech coils?  It is highly unlikely that Joyetech's SS316 setting is going to work for other brands of wire.  Was your wire marked with a TCR value or are you just guessing as to the correct value?  If you only use Joyetech products together then your problems should disappear.  

Since I do not owe you anything I will unsubscribe from this thread now.  Good luck.

Cool down mate, no need to get angry.

I am aware of the importance of the TCR value and I fully agree with you that the TCR value is of much higher importance than the base value.

Nevertheless, you keep drifting away from my actual complaint, explaining things to me I already know and raising other issues I don't have. I never wanted to discuss technicalities whether "saving" or "locking" are the right terminology, nor discuss the different influencing factors of correctly setting up temp control.

I have a very simple issue that leads to inconsistency with the same type of wire, with the same TCR value, which makes switching between tanks with similar resistances a pain in the ass, and that's about it.

So, anyway, thanks for your effort to help me, no bad feelings.

And it would be nice if someone else could now actually respond to my first post.


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