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Joyetech Ocular And Ocular C Review
Hi, just wanted to say a few things and post this review of the Joyetech Ocular and Ocular C.

As I was reading this Ocular review, I had to agree with the guy that I think the meulti media stuff is a bit of a gimmick but since electronic cigarettes are technology not tobacco (wish the FDA would clue in) why not have multi-media stuff. I read that Joyetech has included a low power consumption feature so the multi-media stuff would not over tax the battery.

So I think I like this Ocular a lot! I sat thinking about it and thought that maybe I will load to MP3 files on the mod, sit on my porch and vape lsitening to some George Jones. This will be my first touch screen e-cig so I'm excited about that because I hate lookimg for my reading glasses to change up my settings. As an older vaper I dont know as much as the young rock stars, and boy they let me know it in these forums! But as an older guy I like when things are simpler. And I guess being honest I like just being able to see the screen without hunting for my glasses. Thats what Im really looking forward to. Go ahead, make fun whippersnappers!


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