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Ocular C bugs
I've eagerly waited to get my Ocular C mod, which is not easy where I live because the import of E-Cig devices is banned, but I was disappointed by the following:
-A rattling fire button,
-A sliding lock that is driving me crazy, because it simply gets unlocked (don't know How) when my hand touches the screen and switching between power and tc modes. (I tried switching to stealth or wallpaper modes to overcome this with no luck)
- Still waiting for that software to upload my music.
- The fact that I can't vape and listen to music simultaneously.
- The upgrade to firmware v 1.03 didn't fix any of the above firmware bugs.
Help me Joyetech please. 嗯
2 weeks now and still unable to upload music and pictures with the mobile app not working. Very, very disappointed.


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