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eGrip Rattling noise inside new egrip2
Hello all. So I just got a new egrip 2 from a local store. It has worked wonderfully and is a great experience. However, when I left the store and got to my car (parked 5 blocks away) I noticed a rattling noise coming from inside whenever the device is tilted. It sounds kind of like a peice of metal or something is sliding around.

I was in a hurry that day and did not have the time to walk back to inquire about it. So, for about a week now I've been using it no problem. But the noise has me worried that there could be some sort of defection. And I also seem to have lost my receipt.. But I did use my credit card for the purchase, so hopefully it's not an issue.

Does anyone else have a device that does this? Or should I try to bring this one back to exchange it?


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