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Request: Firmware that lets you downgrade wattage

in regards to battery safety, can you please release a firmware that lets you downgrade the max wattage you can set in your mod?

I_batt = 1,20 * P / (n * 3)

I_batt = drawn current
P = set Wattage
n = number of batteries
3 = cut off voltage
1,20 = 20% loss bc of efficiency

In case of VTC mini, worst case scenario -almost empty batteries, with wattage (maybe accidental, drunk, error) set to 75Watt, and e.g. steady firing/button pressing in your pants,
I_batt = 1,2 * 75W / 3V = 30A

30A, thats more than vaping batteries can handle!

e.g. Sony Konion vtc6 is only "ok" with 30A when there is a safety temperature cutoff at 80°C. If there is not, the battery may explode anyway as its keeps getting hotter. Otherwise its only fit for 15A.
Even VTC5A is not fit for 30A continous discharge.

I only vape with like e.g. 20W. Most people vape in that range, no where near 75W.

Why not give the option to limit the max wattage, adjusted to what the battery can do?

Safety is king!


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