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Easy fix for spitting.
My 1.0 ohm atomizer was working fine so I decided to try the 0.5 ohm that came with the tank. It produced no vapour so I turned up the power. AYIEEE!, hot liquid shot out of the drip tip. Then I went on the forums and found that the most recommended fix was to raise up the drip tip and attach a new tank underneath. That was not going to happen since i quit smoking because I could no longer afford it and that goes for buying new vaping gear every week too.

When I looked at the problem it seemed that the atomizer was producing gas and that propelled hot liquid up the air tube. The path from the atomizer was completely open and that sometimes allowed the hot liquid to get to the drip tip. My first attempt at a solution was to insert a shortened cigarette filter into the drip tip. That worked but the gas flow was reduced dramatically.

My next fix was to take some plastic screen from a screen door repair kit and cut three disks using a paper punch. Then I removed the drip tip, put the three screens down the hole and replaced the tip. That eliminated the spitback completely and I have been vaping the whole day without any problems at all.

Now it is working fine but it produces much more vapour than I expected a small tank could.


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