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What do you think of the new OCULAR and OCULAR C with touchscreen panel?
I have been using the Ocualar C for a little over 2 weeks now with the new update to 1.04

The Lock does seem a bit better but I do suggest a more complected unlock such as across and up _| to rule out more accidental unlocks since its is very sensitive even with the update 1.04  

Music Player would be nice if we could play music well vaping !!
I have tried using the lock well playing music sure it allows me to vape and hear the music at the same time but the vape interface overlaps the music player and there is no way to unlock it again until the full playlist is over or pull the battery

Calendar  would be nice if it also gave the ability to show a full month calendar as well as the 1st glace day one

Clock would be great if we also had the option for a 12 hour time since 12 hour is the main standard where I live

Interface is fantastic I didnt care for it on the Evic's but for this one it just works but I cant help to wonder and hope that a Video Player and maybe a few games would also be added to it as well as a Ohms law calculator

Cell App this could be because I use a older cell  my resolution is 480x854 Android Version 4.3 Kernel 3.4.0
the white text wattage in the centre only shows the rest of it is blacked out with no way to make any changes to the wattage also every picture fails to send to the device

other then the issues and suggestions listed above its a awesome mod despite the problems im having with it this mod shows a lot of potential in upcoming Firmware updates keep up the great work Joyetech
Loving mine but I can't figure out how to connect Bluetooth
I've had the ocular c for about 4 days, yesterday the screen started just half working and half frozen it runs the menus in the background it works and if you remember where everything is you can change the modes and the plus/minus although not visable work when you touch where they are supposed to be, i cannot find any way to reset it or fix this issue, any help would be appreciated
OCULAR and OCULAR C are both look likes cuboid. I have owned Ocular C, it has a good grip and better look.

Thanks for sharing the good work with us.
Hi, OCULAR and OCULAR C are both look likes cuboid. I have owned Ocular C, it has a good grip and better look.


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