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eVic VTwo settings
Hi all,

I recently quit smoking and have switched to vaping to help with that process. I bought what I now assume to be a knock off eGo-T pen and have enjoyed using it with a 50/50 6mg juice. The only draw back I found is that I'd tend to puff on it constantly, so I decided to buy a box mod to hopefully produce a bigger cloud with more nicotine. I purchased a eVic VTwo / Cubis pro starter kit along with some 50/50 12mg juice. The kit came with an assortment of coils, but I also purchased a 5 pack of the SS316-0.5ohm coils.

I'm having trouble with the settings on the new VTwo. I'd like to get similar results as the pen with maybe a slightly bigger cloud, but so far have only been able to get it to crackle and pop and spit liquid juice out of the mouth piece. I did presoak a SS316-0.5 coil before use, but I'm wondering if one of the other coils might be better for my application. I am completely unsure of what setting to use and where to start, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a few other quick questions. I do still enjoy the cheap, knock off pen and was hoping to use it as a backup / secondary device. I was wondering if the coils in it can be replaced or if the pen is just disposable? I'm also unsure as to how often one should replace coils and how to know it's time to do so. If anyone has a link or two to some vaping beginner resources, that would be appreciated too.

Hi Plan-B. Firstly, welcome to Joyetech Social. If you're using the SS316-0.5ohm coil, you can set it under VW mode with power around 25W-30W to have a try.
Plan B Congratulations on quitting
one thing I did not see in your post is what wattage you are running in the eVic VTwo I agree with Kermit start around 25watts
another thing you should try is a thicker juice look for a 60 - 70Vg
Coil life depends on a few things how much you vape, what juice you use (really sweet juices kill coils quicker)
average coil life can be a week or it can be months. when your vape starts tasting bad or an off flavor it is time to change your coil
as far as your coils being replaceable most are but being a knock off I would say it depends who made it
if you still have the packaging look at the instructions or manual.

Thanks for the comments and thoughts folks. I've managed to get the spit back better controlled by switching to LVC Clapton 1.5 ohm coil. I'm not sure if it's the ohm difference or the design difference fixing the problem, but it seems to be working better. The cheap pen had no manual and no branding on the package, but it looks like any CE4 style clearomizer would work on it. I actually change my plans and bought a AIO as my secondary device instead. This way I can use the same replacement coils in both.


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