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Best solution to fix Cuboidmini stopping gurgling , flooding , cracking pop
Hello all,
I come from Vietnam
I bought my cuboid mini to replace my old egrip version 1 and I got the same problems like yours ( gurgling , flooding , cracking pop sound ... ) . I had experiences with my old egrip and finally found the solution to fix the cuboid mini problems .
I show you guys how I did :
1/ Use the RBA coil including with the product .
2/ Modify the RBA coil :
  * You have to seal all the holes in the bottom of the RBA coil , including the screw hole keeping the negative pin of the coil . ( In my case I use the bamboo wooden tooth picker )
  * Do not use the way the original keep the negative pin of the coil . Change the way the negative pin contacts to the RBA like the original notch coil . The step is to seal all the holes in the bottom of the RBA coi.
[Image: 16ks49i.jpg]
3/ I replace the RBA original coil 0,5mm to the Nichrome 28gauge with length of 3 inches . Make the vertical coil 8 rounds with the diameter of 2,5mm  . Wrap the coil with cotton wick . Finally , assemble the coil to the RBA base.
   Cut the adundant piece of coil
4/ Narrow the tip hole to 1,5mm diameter by whatever you invent , in my case I use the hearing aid earmold 微笑
[Image: 1g0vog.jpg]
[Image: 2vkch3t.jpg]
Please note that when you install the coil , the ohm is around 1,2ohm - 1,4ohm on the cuboid mini display
Now fill a few juice drop to the coil and assemble all the rest to the main unit.
5/ Maximize the air inlet ( turning it clockwise until it stops rotating )
Now enjoy your cuboid mini with smooth hit .
If you do the right thing , you will notice that only the water steam stain in the drip tip , not the juice . That 's correct .
Sorry for my bad English



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