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Cuboid Mini Kit
Hello I'm Ron from the UK

I have been vaping for about two years now and have just bought three new Cuboid Mini Kits because I was taken by there appearance. However I'm really struggling with them. I'm only used to having a "power mode" so I simply set the power between the ranges stated for the coil and away I went.

Now these kits came with different coil and lots of different modes. I obviously set it to power and away I went. BUT the Notch Coils rated 30 - 70 watts I set at 50 watts and they tasted burnt within a quarter tank of juice. I've been told to use SS316 mode at between 390 - 460 temp and between 30 - 40 watts. My problem is that I get no draw from it and they just reach "protection" and cut out. At least with the "power" settings of my previous ecigs it "fired" all the while I was pressing the button.

What am I doing wrong? I'm using the 0.25OHM DL Notch Coils but have the BF 0.5 ones in at the moment. 嗯


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