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Black Delta II Launching and Giveaway!
Black is really nice, i love black attys , they match perfectly on my boxes :p
(03-12-2015, 04:00 AM)mspiggy1981 Wrote:  Oh my goodness! The black looks amazing! I have a Delta II but when it shipped it came packaged with 2 of the LVC heads and no RBA  悲伤 The LVC heads are amazing, so if that's any indication the RBA head has got to be out of this world!

Hello, friend, Delta II RBA head is sold separately as its spare part.
I am looking to upgrade from my trusty eGo-C to something newer. I am excited at the prospect of the Black Delta II, it seems like a great upgrade from my beginners kit!
Nice! Look better on my all black mods.
The black Delta II looks great, and would perfectly fit to my black istick 50 眨眼
love the black finisihing! looks amazing! wish i have chance to win one of these 微笑
Thank you for the chance to win a great new product.
My birthday is coming soon, too. A black dressed Delta would be great.
I just ordered the silver Delta II and I am very excited to try it. Black is a good choice, I will likely get one of those also since it will match some of my other batteries. I hope to have it today or tomorrow.
a black delta 2?! yes please!!


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