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Black Delta II Launching and Giveaway!
Dear all,

Joyetech reveals black Delta II atomizer today!

Black Delta Ⅱ, provides you not only functionality but also loftiness and elegance.

It features an user-friendly adjustment of air inflow. With the Liquid valve control on the new changeable sub ohm coil, Delta Ⅱ can be used on a wide range of wattage from 20 watts to 45 watts.  Delta Ⅱ also has a changeable RBA option. 

For more information about IP Black Delta II, please visit :

Last but not least, join in us and publish your comments, we will extract lucky audience and win our new product. So, leave a message and we will publish the winner list only a few days later. ( Finished )

[Image: Delta2_11.jpg]

Joyetech Marketing Department
10th March.2015
Awesome, please sent it me as a birthday present if it's possible!!!
Wow!) "She" is beauty!!!
Very good atimizer, like it. But i have just one question - strong whistling during use. Otherwise, everything is great.
congrats on your new black delta ii very nice, I'm using delta ii, all I can say is, satisfaction at its best, very nuce .

e Delta Ⅱ features a user-
friendly adjustment of air inflow with a Liquid
Valve Control (LVC) head on the new
changeable sub ohm coil. There will also be an
RBA coil that can be purchased separately for
those who want to build their own coil instead
of purchasing the premade ones. The Delta Ⅱ
can be used on a wide range of wattage from
20 watts to 45 watts. -

I waaaaant a black delta ii, good luck to all.
this black brushed metal style
what you have
also with the ecom mega and surpreme is the best
except there is something darker then black ;D
When you dream there are no rules.
People can fly. Anything can happen.
Sometimes there
Oh wow thats so awesome, i love my delta 2... so exciting to see a new variety of color choices! Congratulations on the new black delta 2 release.
Cigarette free since November 2013! ?大咧嘴
I cannot tell which one looks better. In my opinion, both are awesome.
If I had to decide, I would slightly prefer the black one.
[Image: idCsPlr1j]
Oh my goodness! The black looks amazing! I have a Delta II but when it shipped it came packaged with 2 of the LVC heads and no RBA 悲伤 The LVC heads are amazing, so if that's any indication the RBA head has got to be out of this world!
Love the sleek look of the black Delta II. Would love to try one out as I have heard it is one of the best
Of the sub ohm tanks.
Black is wonderfull!  I miss this   I would like to try it.


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