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eVic VTC Dual
Received a eVic VTC Dual w/ Ultimo tank from Joyetech social
I think the dual is one of the most versatile mods on the market feels solid in the hand it is a little heavy with the dual battery adapter but not as bad as the wismec rx200 triple or similar mods but does feel good in the hand. I love that if i am heading out for a few hours I can throw on the single battery & have a "mini" mod & not have to carry a bigger device. the menue is really no different than other Joyetech devices so no need to get into that other than I love the clock & preheat functions was not a fan of the games on my devices so I am happy this does not have it I have a cell phone & video game system for that. menu is easy to navigate The Dual is a solid rugged device fit & finish is great like all other Joyetech devices I have owned. vape is nice & consistent. battery life seems good with both battery setups.

Ultimo: unfortunately I am disappointed with this tank flavor is great when it is wicking properly the problem is i get a lot of dry hits (both included coils) it is inconsistent when it will happen the only way I can seem to cure it is by opening the top before vaping it appears to me the coil is to close to the glass & e- juice has a hard time getting to the wicking holes I have used mixes from 80/20 down to 60/40 & all have the same results I believe this coil should be in a larger tank like a 24mm & would probably perform well. I am sorry to say this is no longer on :any device other than trying different things to get it to work properly & do not have high hopes in getting that accomplished.

My final thoughts
Dual: I highly recommend this device it is now my daily device
Ultimo: Sorry but I can not recommend this tank. It may be an issue with the one I received but I am extremely disappointed with it. I had used it solely for a week straight but could not take the dry hits anymore
I do thank Joyetech for their giveaways & mean no disrespect just giving my honest opinions maybe I vape different than most people


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