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Cubis Pro spitting/gurgling with notch
Been having horrible problems with these coils since day one, used the first notch coil without the mesh screen, spat and gurgled like all hell.

Replaced with other notch coil with mesh screen, checked instructions and cruised web for hours looking at peoples complaints and solutions, emptied tank, clean out parts thoroughly with cotton, then installed new coil with mesh screen and refilled tank properly.

Worked fine for about 5 minutes, then flood and spit like crazy.

I'm a DL vaper, so I got to thinking, what if its just that i'm drawing too hard... possibly pulling too much juice into the atomiser.

At this point I had a light bulb moment, didn't even bother emptying the tank just pulled out the entire top section with coil attached, cleaned everything properly, removed coil, and blew through top of coil to push some of the flooded juice out of the coil through the notches. Grabbed the two O rings in the supplied kit, twist wrapped it around the notch juice intakes.

Bam works as intended, very minor gurgle/spit, no problem with spit prevention mouthpiece. Still enough room around the O rings for juice to get to the cotton, but not enough to flood the coil on an extended 5-10 second draw.

The problem with these coils is flooding through the cotton, is there a possibility that the cotton in the coils just ISN'T THICK ENOUGH and that the notches are allowing too much juice in through negative pressure?

I'll keep you informed if it floods overnight, here is a photo to explain what I did.

Anyone know of a material that wont degrade/melt eventually considering how hot these coils get?


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