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Problems with the pro RBA head
I love my cubis and my cubis pro with the premade coils but I decided to try using the pro rba head since I've got a dripping tank as well and I know my way around coiling wicking etc.
I've got these problems:

If I do a horizontal build, the head works great if the tank has a little juice, but when I fill it (and the juice covers the side cotton holes of the head) I get little to no cloud production no matter what the resistance or coil type. If I use it for some time and the juice level drops below the side feeding holes, it goes back to an amazing vape. I've seen the youtube instructions and I know I'm wicking it correctly but it seems the coil somehow gets wet. I tried less cotton, more cotton, same thing happens every time.

If I do a vertical build I don't face this problem, but the vapor and taste are not that good (as with the same coil used horizontally) unless I really ramp up the wattage, and then I get the usual heating problems with the tank :/

Do you have any suggestions especially for the horizontal build? Should I place the coil higher or lower than the feeding holes, should I fit tons of cotton in?


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