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Resizing Logos with windows operating system
1. Open your logo with paint: right click on image hover pointer over OPEN WITH left click paint
2. left click on resize a new window will popup
3. in this window select Pixels Make sure maintain Aspect Ratio box is unchecked
4. horizontal change to 64
5. Vertical change to 40
These numbers are crucial & must be exact

6. Left click ok
7. Left click options tab left to the home tab & above the paste clipboard
8. hover pointer over save as & left click BMP picture & a new window will popup
9. here you can rename your file & File type. YOU MUST CHANGE FILE TYPE
Change file type to monochrome Bitmap
Left click Save
it should save the logos in the same file folder

here is a video if it is easier posted on another thread but this might be easier to find



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