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510 pin on JT products and atomisers with long 510
I've read at least 20 threads about people having problems like "no atomiser" after over tightening an atomiser.

It's a problem for several reasons

- Some atomisers 510 are too long

- Youtube videos show people forcefully threading atomisers to get rid of gap and people imitate it.

- Most other mods have an extra 1mm or 2mm extra space.

I often read "JT is good but they still haven't fixed the 510".

Users, like me, are forced to use a spacer. Pre-made like below or made out of a plastic lid because several manufacturers make atomiser pins too long.

[Image: GxJ4QaB.jpg]

How about JT. Make the 510 with an extra 2mm of add a washer to devices sold for " atomisers with overly long 510 that goes against specifications". May as well tell them off for making 510 on atomiser too long. As I understand it, someone at JT made the 510 spec 微笑

Maybe make a page on 510 pin length that is acceptable so average users and reviewers can point to it. It'll be advertising for JT and for the person who made the the spec. It may also give people a chance to call out bad design by referencing the page.
Thanks for your kind suggestion.
Looked into it further

seems the 510 could do with an extra 0.5mm, not 2mm.

It seems the 510 on some devices don't like the pin being pushed too low. Sometimes the pin gets stuck or causes no atomiser.


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