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Screen Fading Away

I have a VTC Mini on which the screen started to fade away last Friday (11/4/2016). It started as a blob of missing pixels in the lower left hand side of the screen and has spread with alarming speed. I predict that the screen will be totally unreadable by this time tomorrow. Has anyone seen this issue before? Does anyone know a a way to correct the problem?

Here are some pics of the issue:

pic 11-04-2016
This picture was not taken with the intent to capture the issue but you can see the problem start to develop over the time counter

pic 11-6-2016
Spreading in the lower left and starting to affect the upper right

pic 11-06-2016
Same as image above taken with lights on

pic 11-7-2016
It won't be long now.
The problem seems to be the plate outside the screen, not the screen itself. Anything burnt or what happened to the device? Does it work normally despite the display?


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