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eVic Series eVic VTC Dual Atomizer Short circuit problem?
-Yea i would say there's 2 thread difference Griffin has 7 threads and Kraken 5 if i count these right... length is same 4mm... and boht bot pins can be moved Griffin is gold plated...

-No connections aren't wet...

I end up trying this and i check with multimeter that there's no short on Kraken... but it didn't help... although it fix one of my kraken i have 5 of these and they all short on eVic VTC Dual...

eVic VTC Dual gives Kraken dual coil readings 0.35Ω - 3.20Ω

eVic VTC Mini shows steady 0.32Ω - 0.34Ω
eVic VTC Dual gives Griffin dual coil readings 0.46Ω - 0.48Ω

eVic VTC Mini gives 0.44Ω - 0.46Ω


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RE: eVic VTC Dual Atomizer Short circuit problem? - impact - 11-08-2016, 05:43 AM

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