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My AIO won't stop!
I got my Joyetech AIO  a few months back and i think its great.. really like it.

In the last few days i've been experiencing a minor problem, after vaping and releasing the button, it kept going for a split second. thats alright though.

But just now I used it and it WOULDNT. STOP. I tried locking it, wouldnt work.. I had to resort to unscrewing it while it overheated. Once unscrewed it flashed at a slow speed for 5-10 seconds and then the faster speed for a few seconds.

The button itself isnt jammed or anything but that seems like the effect. New coil, fully charged..Is it a mechanical issue with the button? the battery? Can it be fixed or should i just ditch it?

Thanks and hope you respond.
I have a Joyetech Evic AIO also. I really like it, and use it daily. I haven't experienced this problem with it personally, but it sounds dangerous. I would contact the store you bought it from, and see what they can do for you.
Problems like that need urgent attention, the batteries hold a lot of energy and care needs to be taken. Do not use it. It will be under guarantee, so as stated do contact the retailer. If no progress there contact Joyetech support in your country. I would not delay!


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