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Temperature Control on the VTC Dual
Hi Joyetech Community,

I just got the Evic VTC Dual, which is a great looking mod and have some questions on temperature control.

My coil is Dual SS316L at 0.37 Ohms. Temp 450F. Firing at 30 Watts and TCR M1 set to 110 - cause a lower TCR on M1 will just fire for 1 to 2 sec and then the temp control kicks in. With the same settings, firing at higher wattages... eg 50 to 60 watts will just activate the temp control as well - not being able to fire more than 1 to 2 secs.

I ran the same atomizer with the same coil on a DNA75 and I can fire at 50 to 60 Watts and Temp at 260F with no problems. Just wondering if this is the norm for Joyetech mods... seems like the Temp control is over sensitive or is there something I'm missing.

Thanks for the help.


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