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Just read a WEB MD post about...
...the hazards of vaping. It is pure propaganda, and completely false.
read it here Whats in your E-Cigarette?

I responded with an email saying:

The chemicals you mention that exist in E Liquid actually do not, however they exist in large quantities in cigarette smoke. The dangers you say will be caused by metals can only occur if the metal coil is actually melted and inhaled, this may be a danger in a blast furnace melting large quantities of metal (its not really) but not in a tiny vaporizer. Your article is scaring people to not try vaporizers as a smoking cessation device, they will continue to smoke and they will get cancer, and they will die because of your article. E Liquid contains USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine, Artificial and natural flavors, and THAT'S IT! So think about the industry secret Blend in that marlboro? Think about the TAR and CHEMICALS PACKED into that smoke. so many hazardous ingredients they wont even say whats in there and your scaring folks to keep smoking them. The E Cigarette industry will wipe out the cigarette industry within 20 years, only then will we have a healthy and cancer free planet.


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