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Logo instead of clock?
Hey, so I just got a VTwo recently and I love it!

At first I even loved the full screen clock but now that I uploaded a logo I wish I could replace the full screen clock with it.

What I dislike is there's no way (that I know of) to replace the big screen saver clock with just the logo.

Or even having an option to increase the 30 second delay for the main screen (the one with the stats+logo or clock) to turn off or switch to the screen saver clock. It's fixed 30 seconds and the timer option only affects the screen saver's duration.

On another note, a brightness option would be really nice if possible. (I also wonder if these displays are capable of showing different levels of white on a pixel basis so some pixels could be darker which would mean gradient colors and possibly awesome logo quality assuming the device can store the more complex image.)

Anyway, none of this is really important as this device is amazing as it is.

I also owned a VTwo and loved using it. I think from the settings section, it is possible to replace the screen saver clock with the beautiful logo.
Hi, can anyone help me with my logo, every time i upload one that isn't the default logo it doesn't display on the screen properly the image is split halfway along the screen. if anyone knows how to fix this or has websites to help it will be appreciated. personal message for answers please



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