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[Review Contest] Joyetech eGo AIO review contest
Hi guys,
We're now running the second round of the review contest on our Joyetech Social.
This time, you're invited to do a full review (written) of the eGo AIO.
(It includes the whole eGo AIO series, like the eGo AIO D16, eGo AIO D22, eGo AIO D22 XL, eGo AIO Pro, eGo AIO Pro C and eGo AIO Box)
We'll then choose one from all the reviews as the final winner. As a reward, he/she will get one of our latest devices for free.

Please note that, your review shall be posted under this thread ONLY.
You can insert photos of the device as you like, only with photos taken by yourself.
Duration for this contest, from now on till Oct. 31, China time.
Come on!

[Image: andapatricia.jpg]
This was My review From April & at the bottom is my update:
 I have had my AIO for exactly a week now. I have been looking for a take anywhere device & was going to get the Innokin T-18
until Joyetech released the AIO. told my B&M to order me one. When he saw the prices he bought 2 dozen of them
the AIO are about $10 less than the T-18.

A little about my vape style I am a direct lung vapor 99% of the time. I am all about flavor & not chucking clouds but occasionally I like to vape Mouth to lung. I am also pretty much a chain vapor. I generally go through about 10-12ML daily. I was not sure if the AIO or any other pen style device would work out for me but I wanted something for out & about when I did not want to carry a big box mod & subohm tank
My feelings on the AIO:
The AIO since my purchase has not left my side it goes everywhere with me! I was amazed by the flavor, cloud production the AIO has. it is tough to direct lung & is border line working. It is a little tight with the included coils but is an incredible Mouth to Lung device
it can be put in the pocket & you will sometimes forget it is even there. I really love the size of this device.
very simple to use, no settings just power up & vape. the lights are a great little feature & would love to see them in a sub ohm tank
the only adjustment on it is the airflow which works pretty well
the Cubis tank/coil design I love & although the Cubis does not fit my style of vaping it is a perfect match on the AIO.
I was worried about the childproof top. I hate it on the e-liquid bottles & even prescription pill bottles though I know this is the direction the Vaping industry is heading due to regulations but the AIO top has been easy to open / close every time
battery even with my chain vaping style the battery lasts me a full day (at least)

The only cons I could say about the AIO is
The fill line & the Airflow dots need to be better marked on my stainless you really can't see them well & is even worse on the black version I can not say what the other versions are like as these are the only two I have tested & seen!
the only other con would be the airflow itself I would like to see more resistance on the adjuster it is to easily moved almost no resistance & I am constantly adjusting it.
That is it. that is all I can find that I think needs improvement with that said I HIGHLY recommend the AIO to new vapors & even seasoned vapors looking for a discrete take anywhere device. Joyetech you have definitely raised the bar for the vaping industry with this one!

6 Months later the AIO is still with me all the time. I still love the performance for mouth to lung. The AIO to me is still the perfect device for me to use when I don't want big clouds like vaping in public areas or when I am hunting. From what I can tell in some videos of the AIO Pro it looks like the max fill line on the silver versions may be easier to see Also Airflow seems to be improved on the Pro models also.
ALL in All I am very happy with my AIO

I do not have much time with the Ego AIO that I got from Joyetech as it was "appropriated" by my mother, but that's alright. I did test it out when I got it and have messed with it now and then since. It is a pretty cool little all in one device with pretty decent battery life and cool changeable color back lighting in the tank and behind the button (for those that want some "bling"). The color we got was kind of a off white/grey and black two tone. the black meet the tank at the max fill so is very helpful when refilling. It uses coils like my Cubis tank does so no leaking, also cool and helpful (since my mom carries it in her purse). After all this time I can say that it is pretty durable as she has beaten it up some (paint is starting to come off around the fire button), but it keeps on working like a champ. Having priced them at local shops (very inexpensive) I would say they are a great starter device for someone looking to quit smoking (the MTL coils are pretty good), or someone looking to have a spare device to carry around instead of a bulky box device/tank or RDA. Then theres that cyclonic crazy dip tip... that is pretty cool too (almost stole that drip tip back lol). I am not much of a reviewer so hope this helps someone when looking at the AIO and wondering if it is good or not (it is!).
Well here goes. Bit of background first, I had no plans to stop smoking and start vaping, although my partner did, and her plans apparently did include me. So we visited a vape shop where she tried some vape, the guy ask me to humour him and try the eGo AIO, at first I found it strange but the taste and cloud volume was phenomenal in my opinion. So I asked what I was tasting and was told Vimto @ 6mg.

I ended up walking out the shop with both.

3 months on still no cigs, and a variety of juices.

I have tried a few different devices but have to admit the eGO AIO does an amazing job all round. I use it everyday especially if I am out driving.
I have found the battery life to be good, although I have charged it in the car, the coils are reasonably priced and I can say using it everyday I have gone through 7 coils in 3 months.

I started mouth to lung, but this device soon had me doing direct to lung, having no other devices to compare to I though the draw was fine, I now know the direct to lung is a bit tight but it is still able to perform ok. Mouth to lung it's perfect.

Having tried other flavours of juice I can say you certainly get the flavour, I do require to look at getting an extra as not having a replacement isn't good. Don't know what I would do without a vape now.

The only criticism I would have is I did put the device in my pocket without it being off, as the button protrudes slightly, when I smelt burning paper my pocket wasn't my first port of call, may be having a button that doesn't protrude would stop that, who knows, I just switch it off more now.

Thanks Joyetech you stopped me smoking, know you just need support for the supposed be legislations the EU are looking at.
I love my eGo AIO. Ι happen to have some mods available (eGo AIO, VTC mini and cuboid mini). My eGo AIO keeps me company when i am hanging out at night. It's pretty small, can fit in my front pocket and most importantly is very powerful.
The only thing i wish it was easier was the rebuildable RBA head. It's pretty hard for me to recoil it and put new cotton to it. I wish it was easier...
But you have time to improve your product more and more.
心 Joyetech

Thanks and cheers from Greece 眨眼

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I purchased an eGo AIO Pro C a couple of months back as I needed a stop gap while my mod was being repaired. To be truthful, I wasn't expecting too much from such a basic device. Boy was I wrong!

To me, this is the perfect little carry around device, compact, light and produces a highly satisfactory vapour. I haven't left home without it, even after getting my mod back. I wish these were on the market when I quit smoking, rather than the basic cigalikes. I've been so impressed with this device that I've even purchased others for gifts, and now have 3 of my mates using them as a way to quit smoking.

Well done Joyetech, this is truly the best beginner device on the market. Value for money.
Part 1:
This is the Original eGo AIO (All in One) vaporizer device released by Joyetech in 2016. In 2009 Joyetech released the eGo series which offered a small tank and coil, and a user-activated switch to the worldwide market. eGo batteries became the best-selling customizable e-cigarette components in  2012. The AIO Improves the original design with a leak proof tank system and a more efficient coil that is removed with the top cap and makes its electrical connection through the bottom of the tank.
I purchased my AIO right after it was released so mine came in a sturdy box, the newer ones may be in a cardboard and plastic blister package.
Included in the package is the AIO battery and top cap, 2 coils, 2 mouthpieces, a USB charge cable, an information card and the warranty card with a genuine authenticity code sticker.
Joyetech AIO is a simple device that anyone who uses e-liquid vaporizers will really enjoy. It does not have any settings and in fact only has 1 button on the front of the device.
The USB charging port is located on the back side, so you can conveniently charge the device from a PC or wall adapter.
The device is designed to be extremely simple, just fill it, charge it and go. The only setting you can change is the color of the LED light, which can be changed to your favorite color.
To change the LED light color turn off the device in the normal way, 5 clicks of the fire button, the device will flash 5 times and then shut down. Then with the device off press and hold the power button, the LED will light and you then press the button to cycle through all eight of the color options. The eighth color option for the LED is off, in case you need to keep the device stealthy or use the least power.

Part 2:
The device also uses the LED to communicate to the user. The unit shows the state of the battery by flashing slow medium and fast to indicate a low battery charge. When the device is turned on it communicates 5 LED flashes followed by a steady light to show the device is ready, and when powered off it also communicates 5 LED flashes as it turns off. While the device is on a tap of the button turns on the LED to indicate the device is on and ready to vape.
The device is a single body 1500 mA (milliamp) battery, with a built on 2 ml (milliliter) CUBIS like tank that is integral on the top of the battery. The tank is completely leak-proof and childproof, and it uses the same BF coils used in other Joyetech tanks. This device model will not use coils below 0.5 ohm, like the new low ohm notch coils, but you still have many coils to choose from. The RBA (Re-buildable Atomizer) works in the AIO but you will need to have a separate tank on a Mod (vape device) with a display or an ohm meter because the AIO does not have a display to show the ohms of your RBA Build.
The device is easy to charge with the included USB cable, just plug it into a PC or USB wall adapter. You can use the device while it is charging, and the circuit board includes an overcharge circuit protection. The device LEDs light up while the charger is charging, and the LED turns off to let you know when the device has a full charge.
A unique feature of this particular tank is the child proof cap. To remove the cap you have to press down on the cap firmly while turning it counter clockwise. This will make the device safer in case children accidently find it. The tank also features an airflow adjustment ring on the top cap that allows the user to easily adjust from mouth to lung, or direct to lung vaping with a simple turn of the airflow. The dots marking the airflow amount on the chrome finished device are hard to see, this can be easily remedied with a black permanent marker. The device has a max fill line to prevent overfilling; the colored devices don’t have the max fill line, instead use the change in finish color at the edge of the glass tank to act as the max fill line. But you can just fill the tank halfway up the glass and you’re good to go.
You get 2 mouthpieces, both a standard mouthpiece and a spiral mouthpiece is included. The spiral mouthpiece completely eliminates the chance of a spit back from the coil while still enabling a free flow of vapor.

As was said there is only one button on the device and therefore you don’t have to worry about accidently changing settings. It also has a 15 second safety feature so the device won’t melt down or explode if the button accidently gets pushed while it is in your pocket or purse. This device is only 4-5/8" from the top of the mouthpiece to the bottom of the battery so it easily fits in your purse or shirt pocket.
Believe me though, this tank is not a wimp; it delivers a whopper of a hit of vapor and fantastic flavor even though it has no buttons, settings or display. The simplicity, performance and low price makes this a perfect device for someone wanting to move up from the simple pen style vaporizer batteries, or even unregulated tube mods.
Very specific, thanks Cosmic.
And tomorrow we'll end this contest. Hurry up guys.
So basically we're ending this eGo AIO review contest here. After we checked all the reviews, the final winner goes to gfdeputy2, experienced and advanced Social fan. We'll then send one set of the eVic VTC Dual with ULTIMO as a rewards.
Thank you all, our next review contest will be online soon. Stay tuned.
哭 WOW Thank You so much Kermit, Joyetech & Joyetech Social 感叹



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