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Cubis Pro dry hits
Hi All

I'm new to the group and have recently moved over from a vape pen to the eVic VTwo Mini with Cubis pro tank. I am using the 0.5 coil in Temp mode SS316. The vape shop where I purchased my device from told me that every time I change my coil or refill the e-juice I need to blow quite hard down the mouth piece, this works fine (I think). The issue I'm experiencing is about 1 day after changing to a new coil I start to get dry hits and minimal vape production. The only way around this that found is to blow down the mouth piece before every drag, then I get good flavor and nice vape, if I don't do that then I get virtually no flavor and a slight burnt taste in my mouth. Am I doing something wrong here ?

Many thanks for any assistance.


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