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Do you think eVic supreme 30 watts has to be replaced?
at first I really like the Joyetech brand, but recently alot of batteries in the market are going high in wattage (50, 100 and even 150watts)
The highest power in Joyetech brand batteries is 30 watts in eVic supreme and eCom supreme, although Joyetech Delta 2 requires up to 45 watts
Do you think Joyetech should  produce something new in batteries?
I am not quite sure if it is neccessary to break through the 50 watt line.
I personally would be more concerned about mAh.
[Image: idCsPlr1j]
I think a 50W firmware upgrade for the eVic Supreme would be great, if not mandatory.
I don't see much need for more than that right now. Most sub-ohm tanks out there aren't really usable beyond that.
It's a shame Joyetech is lagging in this respect.
I have a eVic Supreme and a Delta II and love both of them.
I think the eVic Supreme is one of the greatest apv's out there with unique features, but 30W falls short with the current sub-ohm tank trend.
30W for me already enough, I don't like inhale too much vapors.
Hmm.. If You can rebuild, 15 Watts are enough. Okay, it's good to have higher power devices as the new sub-ohm tanks require higher power. Just like my Kanger Subtanks. They give the best vapors at 20-25 Watts. I'd be happy if there would be a 50Watts device from Joyetech.. If it could be made a lot shorter than the eVic Supreme. What I really want (and if none of the factories will make it, then I will!) is a tube mod that is not longer than 10cm, and not wider in diameter as 22mm.
My first mod was an eVic. 微笑
30 watts is fine for a lot of people as they aren't really using a super low (or even sub) ohm coil setup in lower wattage devices. That being said, it is always nice to have a few higher watt devices to choose from. Right now Sigelei, IPV, and SMY have the high power device love from a lot of people that run high watts and sub ohm. I personally run a Sigelei 150 and like to try out new sub ohm tanks when the come out (have to say the .2 ohm Arctic is maybe overkill for a tank). I do like Joyetech and the items they have, and would love to see some higher wattage devices to power more sub ohm tanks and such.
Just curious...even to .2 ohm coils, is there any need for 150 W?
Only can compare .5 ohm coils which are quite overpowered by even 50 W.
[Image: idCsPlr1j]
Not really a need for 150w the .2 ohm coils for the arctic are supposed to be between 30w and 100w, 30 watts would be a weak vape i would think with that kind of build on the coil, i have tried it and i think between 50-70 watts is the sweet spot.
150 watt? o.o
if you like exploding coils why not ;p
but serious
how much volt tolerate the triple coils?
isn't it 5 volt too
with 150watt the coil would burn instantly i guess
other thing
1.4ohm and 150 watt
well, 14 volts and 10 ampere
battery gone after 10 min ;p
When you dream there are no rules.
People can fly. Anything can happen.
Sometimes there
150 watts would be more to really low builds (.1, .2 and such). As for the tanks capable of .2 ohm builds (or there about) I have used the Arctic at 100 watts and it was a good vape (just a juice drinker, and battery drainer) and the Maganus tank (I have not used yet) is supposed to be usable up to 150 watts. I would never suggest for anyone to use a 1.4ohm build (or even a 1.0 honestly) at anywhere near 150 watts. Safety first when sub ohming. Yes 150 watts does drain the batteries very fast. I have a set of Sony VTC4 and a set of Samsung 25r and at 50-70 watts on a Arctic it is maybe half the battery life I get with my Delta II and Atlantis at 32.5-35 watts. Though it isn't my regular wattage on the Arctic/Sigelei 150w combo, I just popped the watts to 100w to see volts and such... I am getting a reading of 100w, .2 ohm, 5.0v... and like I said that is NOT my regular... just wanted to see where it would register for curiosity sake.


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