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My eGo AIO Pro C Review
The gurgling usually only occurs when you re-fill the device. This is inherited because of how the Aio system works. The benefit is, it does not leak, unlike many many other tanks. If you use a new coil it should not occur, or only very briefly, unless there is too much priming done on the coil head.

The Pro C has the improved system that should vape pretty smooth after the initial excess e-liquid is vaped away.
(09-27-2016, 05:11 AM)chuck333 Wrote:  I bought an eGo AIO Pro C two weeks ago and it's been spitting and gurgling since day one. I've attempted numerous times to contact Joyetech customer service and have never heard back. Since this is an AIO there's no way really to swap out the tank. Everyone has a trick they use to keep their Joyetech machine from spitting and gurgling but let's face it we shouldn't need to "trick" our machine to not do something it shouldn't be doing anyway. Fed up, I went out last week and bought a Kangertech Subvod Mega TC and it's been great. You prime the coil, screw the tank in place, fill her up and you're good to go, no gurgling no hot juice exploding into your face, non of that ever, no tricks required. Nonetheless it would be nice if Joyetech would provide some customer satisfaction. I guess that's just a pipe-dream. So the review is this: If you're high and you have a lot of money for a cheesy light show this is the machine for you. If you're looking for a quality machine that produces a great vape at a reasonable price and is backed by a reputable company that cares about customer satisfaction, buy a Kanger.

Did you check the authenticity code?


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