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Another - Switching to power mode
Hi guys, sorry if this been asked so many time here.
Been reading all those threads but still no clue

Here's my gear:
Cuboid 150 ver 5.14
RDTA Avocado 24
Dual DIY vertical coil, SS316L 0.18 ohm
TCR mode 92, 430 F, 55 watts
Battery 2x Sony VTC6
Wick : cotton to the bottom of the tank
Airvent all open

I've been using cuboid (1st time vaper) for almost a week now. Its a great and cool looking mod.
The problem is that everytime i open my tank for refilling juice, the TCR mode always switch to 20watts power mode.
What i've done so far are:
- turn off the mod
- unlock the ohm sign
- take off the tank and plug it back
- wipe the mod-tank connector
- take off the batteries
- use power mode for a while then switch back to TCR mode
- change the TCR value
- wipe all the inside of the coil chamber
- change the liquid

Sometime it works and i can use the TCR mode again, but mostly it won't work
My question is:
1. Is there something that i've been doing it wrong?
2. How to prevent this happening again?
3. Can someone give a good setting for great vapor using single  SS316L  wire? (Ohm, watt & wraps that I should aim for)

Thanks a ton


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