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Who to contact with new suggestion?
Hi there Joyetech!

You have made the Joyetech Delta II, after a few months that I was talking about it with a member of the company.. It is almost exactly how I imagined it, but it's still perfect! 微笑
But! Something is missing, that I really need to the Delta II. 微笑
Hint: Delta II is d=22. eVic/Supreme are d=23, and the trend is "the smaller is the better", today.
I'd really like to share my idea with someone who can throw it on a sheet of paper and put it into the magic machine that spits out the complete product, so we can use it. 微笑
Thank You!
I felt disappointed when I saw Delta 2 Official poster on an istick, I expected a new Joyetech battery!
Yupp! That's what I'm talking about...
My first mod was an eVic. 微笑
why not put delta 2 onto eVic VT battery?


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