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Cuboid switches to power mode.
Hi There.

I've recently bought a Cuboid with the Ultimo tank, coming from the Joyetech AiO eGo; this was no small upgrade; I'm very satisfied with this, save from one thing:

When I vape in TC ss316 mode the Cuboid jumps back in to VW mode.

What I have done:
- Cleaned the threads win Isopropylalcohol and a qtip.
- The tank has been removed to cool down.
- locked the resistance @.51 ohm.
- changed the coil from the ceramic to the clapton
- removed the batteries.

Do you have any suggestions to what to try next? Or maybe any suggestions to what I'm doing wrong, maybe even a step by step guide?

Thanks in advance
TCSS316 only works for SS316 coil. Both ceramic and clapton shall run at power mode.
I suggest a system with only 2 coils (SS coil material). 0.25 ohm high vapour and 0.5 - 1 ohm high flavour. The device sets itself according to the coil used, starting up at lets say 235 C. The user can only adjust temperature and the pre-heat in 3 steps (mild, normal, strong), nothing else.
There are plenty people out there who do not want to know how an engine works, they just want to drive a car.
Thank you very much Kermit. I ordered some ss316 notchcoils, and it works like a charme 微笑


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