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Preheat & Smart Mode
Thanks JT for listening to those of us who did not like the new interface and updating us with the 3.14 firmware. Just a couple suggestions...

Preheat feature is great no doubt, ramps the coil up to the desired wattage very quickly but I have a suggestion which would greatly improve Preheat. Rather than set the preheat by order of WATTS, I think this would work better if there was an option to set the Preheat as a PERCENTAGE. That way one could swap out tanks and not have to go in the menu system every time and reset the preheat wattage.

For example, set Preheat to 150% for 0.5 seconds:
Using my Limitless tank - wattage set to 40 watts, preheat set to 150% = preheat wattage 60 watts
Using my Kayfun v5 tank - wattage set to 20 watts, preheat STILL set at 150% = preheat wattage of 30 watts.

Just makes more sense to me to have this as a percentage for those of us who are constantly swapping out tanks which I assume would be most of us.

Also Smart mode is a great idea but so poorly implemented and buggy. Why not do away with the 'smart mode' interface completely and integrate this into power mode. So it will retain the memory for tanks when swapped out, but still looks like regular power mode.
A good idea.

I would suggest adding this feature as an additional option to setting preheat by watts - so users have the option of using both ways.
I think lots of new users like the simple SMART MODE interface, and I don't see it being buggy, couldn't the interface remain but integrate the functionality into the power mode like @Dean1970 is suggesting?

Percent Preheat: This is a great idea using percent instead of a preset number makes perfect sense. I could estimate the ramp up time and set the preheat for 200% for that time.

Also as far as the device memory goes I wish it kept the memory, settings etc, when the firmware is updated, It's not a big problem finding new settings now but it was when I first got the device. I still use SMART mode if I change coil types or have updated the firmware and need all new settings.
That's sounds nice, thank you guys for your great suggestions.
my hats off too, to jt for giving a preheat option without that horrible interface in 5.04
(09-27-2016, 08:47 PM)ClockSelect Wrote:  Something like that would be cool:

[Image: preheat2_zpsahhl5648.png]  [Image: preheat_zpsufkixp3h.png]

And having it on the VTC Dual, too. ^^

I agree with this, so the user could put 200% as the preheat setting then the device would calculate and preheat the coil at 70w if the device is set at 35w.
Looks perfect. As you've done there it does NEED a larger font as well, samne as the main screen. The way it is now it's unreadable in many situations.


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