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Do you like the Preheat?
Here is an image to show the eVic VTC Mini behaviour in TC mode:


It does auto-preheat in TC, just as what Joyetech says. It may not be strong enough for you, or it may not be ideal for very heavy coils. But this pre-heat should be ok for most vaping up to about 40 - 50 W device usage. For higher wattage such as 75 W permanent use the eVic VTC Mini is not the best device and not meant to be. In that case you may consider the Cuboid.

As well, in my eyes it is not realistic asking for 100 W pre-heat and such on the eVic VTC Mini. If I see a 1-battery device in the market offering this, I'd stay clear. It is unsafe.

The image is taken from PBusardo's website and I hope I'm allowed to use this one image for non-commercial purpose. The measurements taken by PBusardo is something many people complain about saying these sections of his reviews are boring. To me they are invaluable, and so is his contribution to the vaping world in general. Stay with your Riptripper for entertainment, but PBusardo his the real life.
I see You are happy about how it works in TC.

I am not and for me it should work as in wattage, just for a limited time.

i am not pretending anything near to a dna circuit, but if it's called pre-heat,
it should do the work for a limited time.
love the preheat  心  心  心
cuboid and evic vt mod
lets get this rolling then. I like: Rammstein,Ozzy Osbourne,Emigrate,Seether and Oomph

what about youzzles?
I like it but I may be missing something. In the old TH it was easy to check visually which forums had new articles by checking the color of the bullets..Is that gone or am I missing something?



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