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Runabout Review
When I first saw the Joyetech Runabout, I fell in love. I love boats and yachts. And the Runabout really captures the nautical theme. I was also excited because Joyetech, in my opinion, is the pioneer for all in one vapes. Pod mods really are an extension of Joyetechs all in one designs from years ago. So I knew the Runabout would be something special. So I am all set for a Joyetech Runabout Review!

The Joyetech Runabout comes in very cool packaging. It comes in a a tube! The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the tube packaging was that the Runabout feels so nice and solid. It doesn't feel flimsy like you get from other brands. The pod slides in and out nicely and stays in firmly which is perfect. The pod itself has a tab that is easy to open even if you don't have fingernails! I like that because it is easy to fill.

After putting in the e-liquid, I like to wait at least five minutes before vaping. That way I know the wick will be saturated.

Then, it's time to start vaping! I get some of the best mouth to lung vaping I have ever had off of any pod system. It is an awesome vape with lots of vapor and flavor. The Runabout is so easy to use, too. I get good battery life and the device recharges very fast. This is my new every day pod vape.
(10-31-2018, 06:35 PM)bluedodger Wrote:  When I first saw the Joyetech Runabout, I fell in love. ....

Thanks for the review blue dodger, do you have any images you could share, it's easy to UL to imgur or a similar photo sharing site and then linkin your post. 微笑
Welcome back bluedodger, long time no see!
For a POD I agree the RunAbout cannot be beat, but I have just used a few PODs. The only thing I can think of on the RunAbout is it is difficult to fill, but I got a couple of 8 ml bottles with a needle filler and it makes it way easy.

[Image: mf59E8g.jpg]


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