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The ULTEX T80 with Cubis Max
[Image: kSVGGDA.jpg?1]

How gorgeous is this?!?!!! A regulated vape pen!!!
And talk about innovation ,with Joyetech's unique new concept of a
NCFilm*TM heater for a coil-less design.

[Image: Y2P2ecV.jpg]

You get all the standard stuff….
Your warranty card and instruction leaflets
Quick Charge usb cable
Spare glass
little blue screwdriver
Spare o-rings
Several pre-cut cotton pads
The ULTEX T80 (battery NOT included)
The CUBIS Max atomizer (NCFilm heater installed) and a spare

[Image: jislX6o.jpg]
Its available in these colours (this ? taken from Joyetech website)
[Image: jx3pnZQ.jpg]
The ULTEX T80 is mechanical style mod with a maximum wattage output of 80watts with a
nice 0.49 inch OLED display screen. It has dual circuit protection, as well as timeout, over-charging and short circuit protections.  It comes accompanied by the CUBIS Max tank/atomizer
It measures 28mm x 138.5mm and weighs 163 g without the battery.
[Image: 9kmYxWg.jpg]
It uses a single high rate 18650 battery  and it has 2Amp quick charge via usb .(You can see the vent holes in the bottom cap)
The ULTEX is designed to handle a resistance range of 0.05-3.5ohm ,depending on the mode
(power//bypass//temp-NI-TI-SS //TCR)
[Image: JrbIP5Y.jpg]
The Cubis Max has a 5ml capacity with 510 connection and is 'push to open' top fill. It has 2 large adjustable TOP air-flow slots making it leakproof . The mouth piece is a standard 510 fit allowing you to use your favorite tip! (especially if you have a driptip addiction like me ? )

[Image: smWWLdU.jpg]
And here it is!!! The "Innovative Joyetech NCFilm*TM heater" made of Kanthal and provides a large heating area. Its designed to last approximately 3 months with the recommended setting of around 40 watts. It is said to be 0.25 ohms.
There are 2 large slots to allow the juice to reach the cotton so you never have to worry about dry hits .
To clean it you can simply wipe with a dry cloth or if necessary remove it and run it under some warm water ,then wipe. Its highly recommended that you never dry-burn it ! Warm water worked great for me though it really wasn't necessary. I just wanted to get the underside too so I removed it. A dry cloth worked great too!  (from Joyetech's YouTube channel)

[Image: XNxxvJ0.jpg]
and changing your cotton is so simple!!!It comes with about 10 pre-cut pieces but when they are gone simply cut to the size of the set in rectangle ,lay it in said rectangle, add a few drops of juice, place it in position matching the notch (see arrows) then secure it by attaching the bottom ring over the base.
That’s it!
Fill'er up ,attach it to your ULTEX and 'vape on'
[Image: h07JsGZ.jpg?1]

My thoughts on this beauty....
I did find a couple of issues…. I get a bit of leakage around the fill hole seeping out, nothing major but I believe if Joyetech added a silicone plug with a slit in it ,that would fix it. Also being a chain vaper, I found the surface of the mod to get very hot, and checked the battery and it was hot too.I thought maybe it was my batteries so got some new ones,same thing. So I learned to not use it to chain-vape. And although the NCF is supposed to be .25 I found mine reading mostly 0.27 but up to 0.34.Battery life could be a bit better ,just be sure you have a couple extra's with you.

But overall, other than a few small tweaks, it is an amazing device! Its very beautifully designed. Its solid as solid can be! It's very comfortable in the hand. It's very simple to operate. It has great flavour. It has amazing vapour production. I found it worked best at 35 watts, and vaping this at 35 watts I get every bit as much vapour and flavour as I do from my other mods that I  vape at 50-60watts. I love the fact that its so simple to change the cotton that you can change it for a new flavour every tank full if you so choose! Never ever a dry hit. No spit back. It's reasonably quiet. I also love the fact that by holding the up and down buttons I can lock the power from changing but still vape! That's extremely useful to someone like me who has ''mod in hand'' no matter what I'm doing. It's also firmware upgradeable.

For more info go to
And if you cant find it locally you can always go to Joyetech's new online store…..
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Love it Liz! Great photos, I found the fill hole to be a little small for liquid bottles that use glass droppers or have the fatter style tips.

Interesting about the heating up, I don't chain vape so it didn't happen to me.
I guess I never thought of the glass droppers (because I hate them lol) I always transfer to plastic if I get juice in glass bottles 舌
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i have not have any heating up too. but then i only use it at 35w lol. i do have a tip when cleaning the coil i soak it in rubbing alcohol
bey1012 I only use it at 35w too but chain-vaping about every 35 seconds just dont work lol lol I dont blame the mod, I know its just my chain vaping! I love the ULTEX ! thanks for the tip!
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(10-29-2018, 11:08 AM)bey1012 Wrote:  i have not have any heating up too. but then i only use it at 35w lol. i do have a tip when cleaning the coil i soak it in rubbing alcohol

thanks for the alcohol tip! it works perfect!
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