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Cuboid not working
I've been using cuboid for 4 months until now. Two weeks ago I've got that ''always charging'' issue, which makes the battery indicator on all the time, even if the device is not being charged at the moment.After working two weeks working like this, after a night of charging, I got up from the bed and saw that the battery indicators are showing two empty batteries.I pressed the button and saw ''check battery" . And from that moment on it doesn't charge and it shows two empty battery indicators.
Any ideas what actually might the problem be?
Any suggestions?
I'm in a another country, on holiday where vaping is not popular and that's the only mod on me,so it's kind of an emergency situation 大咧嘴.
Sorry your having problems, look at page 8 of the users manual .
be sure the batteries are installed properly and the batteries are of good high quality matched set. Hope it works out for you and hope you have a happy holiday.


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