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Firmware V5.04
Just done the new Firmware update on my VTC Mini.

Simplified New Interface. If you have bad eyes like me it is really hard to read the displays now. I can read the Temp but all the other info in the little white circles means I need to carry my glasses with me all the time now if I want to change them. 困惑
They have changed the UI back to the old style in Version 3.04.
The Circle UI is a stupid Idea, to illustrate that I have removed the Circles.
They add no value but take up space.
[Image: iyTP6NX.png]
update your device again from but choose the previous version, you get the previous interface with the preheat functionality.

eVic VTC Mini:
Latest Version: (VT Software1.20)
Firmware V5.04 <---------- new interface with preheat
Firmware V3.04 <---------- old interface with preheat
Date Updated: Sep 08, 2016
We're now offering two versions both with the preheat for you to choose. Thanks Cosmic.
(09-12-2016, 03:49 PM)Kermit Wrote:  We're now offering two versions both with the preheat for you to choose. Thanks Cosmic.

with any respect ,this was a very minor upgrading
Could you at least ,make LOGOS to occupy the hole screen (after 7-8 sec)

And another good idea is to make a little routine that
enables and disables Mod
,after a user set interval,
helping an over-vaping type like me ,to be a moderate one

Greetings from Salonika Greece
Hi, i'm new customer of a vtc mini with tron and updated firmware 5.04.
I have some issues to change mode in to TC...
When i go to tc mode, select SS, i cant set the temperature... everytime i push the fire button automatically switch to VW mode...
Help me plz!!
Mape, better check your SS coil for compliance with TC mode.


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