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anyone received email yet
(03-09-2015, 10:17 PM)r.albert Wrote:  
(03-09-2015, 04:28 AM)lee091079 Wrote:  They will contact you asking which prize you want Ego One or an Egrip (choose Colour).They willalso want your name, address, phone number, so dont worry i have won 2 Egrips off them before and got to choose as well .Congrats guys

Its not the winning that counts its the taking part, its just a bonus if you win. 舌 So congrats to every body that has took part and well done to the people who received the bonus.

hi. you won two egrips, wow. is egrip a vv vw or just vw?

"Its not the winning that counts"? Sorry, I have to disagree with you. Of course winning counts. I have participated to win, haven't we all? Who doesn't like to win? 微笑 Besides: for many people this is the way of getting acquainted with Joyetech products - like myself -, and who knows, they can fall in love with them. That means satisfaction for them, and more customers for Joyetech. So winning counts for both the customers, and the company.
Vapeoholic good luck with your colour choice ie that it stays on. I bought a black egrip. Black colour chips of easily so take care how you keep it.


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