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Cuboid Ohms reading too high in any mode
Hi just picked up one of these used and having issues with resisatnce readings .
All my tank reading higher than on any other mod by 10-15%
My nautilius mini with 1.8 coils reads 2.06
My Trition 2 with 1.8 coils reads 2.10
My Kayfun mini v3 with 1.65 coils reads 1.85
My bachelor nano with 0.5 coils reads 0.6
My other mods are 2x istick picos

I have loaded different firmware 3.03 3.10 3.11 3.13 and still the same

How will this affect my vaping ? , as mainly MTL high ohms at 7-8 watts in power mode .
Do I just need to adjust to bring down the voltage a little ?

Should I just try get my money back as this could be a sign of futher failure ?

Any freedback would be most welcome
No it won't affect your vape experience. It is a common error on all the mods and you can compensate for it in the abundant settings in the various modes. We are hoping in a future firmware update to have that made that slightly adjustable, but for now its just off a bit.
You may notice a slight difference when you are using the higher resistance coils but it still shouldnt be a problem. Just be cautious when increasing the wattage. Go slow until you find the sweet spot.
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The thing is here that 10 % difference at 0.2 ohm and say 60 W would not cause a significant vaping difference, but at 1.8 ohm and 8 W it does. So I think. TC might not work so well and if that's the case I'd shift to TCR to compensate.
I'd like t hear what Joyetech can comment here.

Your current device may have ohm detection issue, some ohm values already surpassed normal 10% tolerance.

Please contact with for warranty support, our warranty period starts from the receipt date and lasts 90days.
You please provide related proofs to help our service department process quickly, i.e. receipt, malfucntion photos or videos etc.

Any question, please let us know! I will get you the necessary assitance.



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