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Espion TC Temperature Control doesn't work / Lock Icon
(A) I built a 0.33 coil with SS316 - it works with Power Mode and in TCR(120) , but fails completely in TC SS mode.

1) My coil has 0.33ohms. As soon as I press fire, the displayed resistance changes to 0.25ohms. Reproducibly.
2) It jumps into protect immediately
3) It matters not whether I "lock" the resistance or not

This cannot possibly be correct.

(B) Could the firmware developers consider adding a "lock" button to the display?

At least when a coil is locked? Because right now, nothing tells you if you have it locked.
Does it do it with the top cap off the RDA?
Double check for loose connections and possible shorts?
IDK sorry
It's an Engine Nano RTA I'm building on. I test my open deck before I screw the whole atomizer together.

Coil: SS316, 24ga, 6 wraps, 3.5mm dia/ Ohm reader says 0.33, Mod says 0.33. Wire leads are cut off tightly behind the posts.

When I press Fire:
  • In Wattage mode, it stays at 0.33, and everything works fine.
  • In TC mode, it changes to 0.25 (lock/unlock) and the mod immediately shows "protection". I think this is not due to short, but as in "temperature reached. cutting power." - at least that's how it was on my JT VTwo mini.
  • In TCR(120) mode, displayed resistance increases (as it should), and it vapes. Not really that good (vapor too cold imho), but still.
That's not how things are supposed to be 狡猾
I was waiting for my SS316 to arrive so I could start building for TC. Bummer.
So if you just put the deck on the mod, without anything except the coil in the deck, does it behave the same?
if so rebuild the coils.
if not you can try adjusting the coils and reassemble it.

I don't have that device and really only have a couple RDAs that are in storage so I'm not at all an expert.

I think a common mistake made with that tank/deck might be making the coils too large.
try a 6 wrap spaced, or 7 wrap contact coil, 24 awg wire around a 2.5dia jig
so it's a real small microcoil
it may come around 0.25ohm with ss316L

I'm no help that is basically what you have, so IDK, sorry.
After re reading your post I think I didn't understand at first but:

I don't know why the resistance is jumping so far, but I think you are right about the "protection" meaning it has reached the set temp and is cutting power to avoid the coil from going too hot. you can try tweaking the TCR downward so it does not hit temp so quick, and you can also run the temperature higher but of course it may cinge the cotton at about 450F. SS can be anywhere from 80-200 TCR.

It sounds like it is almost doing OK except some minor tweaks, but IDK why the resistance is so far off, mine usually is only at about 0.05
ohms error. But I just use wattage mode and factory coils for the most part.

Sorry I did not understand your first post but I'm just old!
(09-29-2018, 05:13 AM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  I don't know why the resistance is jumping so far...

The displayed resistance is not supposed to go down. At all. It's supposed to go up, because that's what the material does.

And that's how it (correctly) behaves in TCR mode (Sidenote: I set it to 120 btw because steamengine's wire wizard says the TCR is about 119.5 at 250°C). Ofc I could dial the TCR setting down, but that would mean I'm setting it deliberately on a wrong value to get a desired result. That somewhat defeats the purpose of TC® mode :ß

My estimation: The fact that TC mode is messing up so badly, while TCR mode acts (somewhat) correctly, I would say, means the TC mode is seriously bugging.
I think it has much to do with just how accurate the metal contents are, with SS what I have done is set 80 140 & 200 into M1 M2 and M3 whatever one works the best use it. The TCR will kick in and when set properly will be smooth. It is science, just not precise science. On top of that the temp generally runs a little low so I sometimes bump the temp up just a bit to compensate (5F-10F).


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