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Joyetech's EXCEED NC
[Image: lLYMOY8.jpg]
Nicely engraved 2300 mAh battery available in black or white.
It offers either direct output or constant voltage output with advanced dual circuit protection.
You can change between these 2 modes by turning it off and the holding the fire button until the light flashes and then turning it back on .
[Image: t7yqF7w.jpg]
Comes with all the basics including a Spare Glass ,silicone rings, usb cable, warranty, warning & instructions
Also 1 coil head installed and 1 spare.
[Image: Wd3YxXJ.jpg]
The*NotchCore tank has 2.5ml capacity with 2 large adjustable air flow slots
[Image: 6sN931U.jpg]
It has a simple slide and fill and is designed with the horizontal *notchcoil head(0.45ohm MTL) that conveniently snaps out to change and simply pop a new one in.
[Image: e4QnAxL.jpg]
its also re-wickable if you choose
[Image: lEKdU5b.jpg]
Always prime your coil before filling your tank to avoid any dry hits.

My thoughts...
I have been using this little jewel now for almost a month and I'm so amazed by the flavour and vapor production. It's so satisfying! These notchcoils are …well they are awesome!!! A new way to go! #joyetechbravo I have used both 50/50 and 30pg/70vg and both worked equally well for me. I had zero leaks from the air-flow but for some reason I did have a bit of trouble sometimes with leaking from the fill hole on the top (I believe it was when I chain vaped and my juice was quite hot). I would really like to see Joyetech make a larger tank for this notchcoil! I'm not sure if its perfect for a beginner because there's a lot of airflow but it sure makes a great out and about vape for someone like myself who has been vaping almost 5 years, but don't forget to bring extra juice! Although simple to refill it gets to be a bit of a pain constantly refilling every couple of hours! And I wish it was available in more colours.
[Image: UmOHD0t.jpg]
If you can't find the EXCEED NC at your local shop you might want to check Joyetech's new online store ….
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Love it! I do hope they keep developing the notchcore idea 8)
Great review and illustrations Liz 微笑
i have been using the same coil for almost 2 1/2 weeks with grate flavor and a bigger tank maybe with duel coil
(09-21-2018, 09:32 AM)bey1012 Wrote:  i have been using the same coil for almost 2 1/2 weeks with grate flavor and a bigger tank maybe with duel coil

absolutely a bigger tank and duel would be super eh!!!
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