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Wicking material better than cotton, Look JT
Want something better than cotton? Hello Joyetech.

It made from wood fibers (eucalyptus). You can buy it almost anywhere but you have to make sure it's 100% Tencel.

It's too silky and nasty to work with but it's cheap.

You've probably heard of Fiber Freaks. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.
It's just a mixture of Tencel and Cotton (or Cellucotton) to make it easier to work with.

SO Joyetech. Get in contact with some felters. Tell them you want a mix of cotton (or Cellucotton) and Tencel that's easy to work with (like organic cotton sheets but with as much Tencel as possible)

Sell it for a quarter of the price of fiber freaks and you'll still make money. Use it in Joyetech coils too.

It lasts longer than cotton. It wicks better than cotton.
The coil still gunks up but I get 20% longer before I have to clean the coil. The wick is still good but you have to toss it to clean coil.
Dear user359,

Thanks for great suggestion about wicking material!
Do you have seller information that we can dig out more features about Tencel?

Not sure. (read first paragraph)

That's what I bought. In that form it's very slippery. Even more than silk.
[Image: LIGSt9F.png]

There may be already someone making a cotton/tencel mix that has the same characteristics/form as cotton pads . Maybe the people at lenzing could point you in the right direction.

You could easily buy a packet of fiber freaks and get it analysed. The analysis shouldn't cost more that a few hundred dollars.
Buy some Tencel and fiber freaks and try vaping with them.

I use an RDA and the difference between them and cotton is obvious. I was surprised at how well Tencel works.


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